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blue magic

song: Drink Up by Joe

Have you ever had sex so good you could’ve sworn you were high? And I don’t mean just any kind of high. I’m talking about the toe curling, wall climbing, mind numbing, body shaking high— that one, single touch would have you exploding like Niagara Falls.... [read more]



song: Good & Plenty by Alex Isley

Another Saturday had come, and once again, I found myself sitting in the laundry room of my apartment building. It seemed to be the only time I could do my laundry since most of the building was out for the night. I rarely went out. I only had a few friends and they lived in different cities.... [read more]

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the p***y connoisseur

song: F****n Wit Me by Tank

He wasn’t your typical kind of man. 

No. Not even close.

This man, he was magnificent. Rare in a sense that I had never experienced anything like him before. What he did to me, to my body was something out of a movie.

I don’t even know if I can put into words what he did to me, but I’ll try.... [read more]


stroke it up

song: Tell Me by Usher

It was a chilly day in September. You saw me before I saw you. Your chair was positioned perfectly adjacent from the stage. The light glistened the glow that sat on top of your skin. The look you had in your eyes, pure unadulterated lust....[read more]

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