She’s back and she has managed to once again find herself buried deep in the world of sex, secrets, and scandals. Old lovers, new flames, mind blowing orgasms, love and drama heats up in the world of Rylee Reece Coltrane. In the midst of keeping her secrets, Rylee is fighting hard to contain her lovers and the liberation they seem to be in high pursuit of.

Trent believes Rylee is his future and won’t stop until she sees it his way. The problem is Rylee cannot forgive the unforgiveable boundary he crossed when they were together. Not to mention, she just doesn’t have any feelings for him. Will he throw in the towel or continue to pursue a destiny never to come true?

Micah has realized his feelings for Rylee and has decided he wants more than sex. He’s seen a side of Rylee he can’t live without. What he doesn’t know is the woman he is pursuit of has a past that has leaked into her present. Finding out she isn’t who he thought she was will ultimately push her in the arms of someone he could never fathom.

As far as secrets go, Asha is just one of her many secrets. However, what happens when Cree shows up and changes the game all together? Submerged in an abyss of wicked tongues is there any room in Rylee’s world for love? Juggling so many lustful decisions she will be left with the ultimate question. Will love win in the end or will her quest for freedom & euphoria once again reign supreme?

Who Do You Love Too?


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