The Truth Behind Late Night Thoughts

My first, "Let's Talk Poetry" post and I'm excited to feature my book, Late Night Thoughts! This is one of my favorite poetry books and how it came about was a true journey. So read along as I tell you the journey to my late night thoughts finding their way to paper...

The truth is Late Night Thoughts was more than just a book. It was therapy and it came at a time where I was in this 3-year up and down relationship. Up to this point, I hadn't written poetry in almost 10 years. My 5th poetry book, Disturbia had been the last poetry book (1st published book by the way) I'd written and I'd truly missed writing poetry. I'd even published three other poetry books I'd previously written. But such as life, I wasn't creatively inspired to write poetry. Enter the up and down relationship...LOL! I vividly remember sitting on my bed one day thinking and speaking aloud, I really miss writing poetry.

Now don't get me wrong, I was still writing and by this time, I'd already published my first fiction novel. But there was still a void. Poetry is my first love and even though I enjoy taking on the personalities of so many different characters, poetry gives me room to express my personality alone. It allows me to be vulnerable, raw and the platform to speak my truth. There is just something about the way people connect to each word in a poem that makes it worthwhile.

Okay, so after I came to the realization I missed writing poetry, I decided to give myself a goal. Each time I would start a poetry book, I would always give myself a poem goal. For me, challenging myself to write more than I had in the last book pushed me to really delve into my feelings. In most cases, I'd reach that goal and in others I wouldn't because I have this inner voice that tells me when I've written the last poem and the book is finished. However, for this round of poetry writing, I wanted to write 300 poems. That was my goal and I was sticking to it!

To get me started and my creative juices flowing, I decided to participate in the April 30-day writing prompt challenge on Instagram that J.R. Rogue and Kat Savage, two other bomb poets put on. The prompts were a God send because it gave me direction and helped me focus. Not to mention, I'd never written from prompts before so I wanted to challenge myself. Before I knew it, I was writing the poems that went with their theme and even more. Fast forward a month and a half and I had literally written over three hundred poems! I reached my goal and was I so happy.

But here's the catch... are you ready for it?

The book I finished wouldn't be Late Night Thoughts and the kicker is there was just something incomplete about it. I didn't know what it was, but I knew it needed more time to marinate. So I tucked that book to the side to publish later and went back to the drawing board. By this time, a couple of months had gone by and another writing challenge had presented itself. Since I'd had so much fun with he last one and my poetry bug had been re-sparked, I was ready. Another 30 days had gone by and I'd successfully completed another challenge. This time around, I'd managed to accumulate close to two hundred poems.

During this time, I hadn't picked a name for the collection of poems I finished, but I had garnered quite the following from some other writings I had been posting. Re-enter the crazy relationship... lol! While participating in the challenge, I'd been posting these thoughts I'd write in my notepad on my phone. The notes and even some of the poetry I'd written during the challenge derived from text messages I would send to the guy I was involved with at the time.

When I saw the response from the post, I started labeling them late night thoughts in my caption. Enter the birth of Late Night Thoughts. It was like a light bulb had gone off in my head. At that moment, I knew the collection of poems I had just finished would be called Late Night Thoughts. I started compiling all of the posts I had uploaded to Instagram, and even scoured through the text thread he and I had to pull more material to put in the book.

A lot of the poetry in the book were texts I'd sent him and a lot were thoughts I had never sent or said out loud, but had written down in my journal. Hence, the subtitle, "The lost texts I never sent you." At this point, I had a title, a collection of poems, and my love for poetry had returned. I was ready to share my open heart with the world. I knew what I wanted the cover to look like, so I designed it and boom... I had completed my 7th poetry book.

Fast forward to April 2017, Late Night Thoughts was published. My thoughts and even a few private messages had been shared with the world. I felt liberated! For so long, I'd hidden my poetry because I didn't want anyone to see that side of me, but even now I was so glad I did. I've had the best responses from people who read it and how the poems connected with them on an emotional level. And that's what art is supposed to do right?

Well that's it folks! That's my truth behind my 7th poetry book written and 7th book published. Lucky #7 which is my favorite number by the way..... now click the title link above, grab your copy and dive into the full scope of my late night thoughts!

Love and light,


p.s. That book that I pushed to the side... it became my 9th published book, Love, Heartbreak & Hangovers... go figure!

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