The Side Chick Chronicles

Hey hey! I have some news about my next novel release! I am so excited about this book! I came up with the idea for The Sidechick Chronicles in 2014 while writing the second book (Who Do You Love Too?) in my Who Do You Love series. At the time, I was struggling with a little writer's block and figured what better way to get over that hump than to start writing another book. Well... I wrote it, published it, HATED IT, and ended up pulling it off the shelves. Still, I knew the story concept was a great one. So, like the rest of my genius book ideas, I placed it on my pending book list and finished the book series I was working on.

Jump, skip, and hop over to five years later, I'm finally back writing this book. I have revamped a few of the character's names and I've even broken the book up into two books! Originally, I was going to put all four women into one book, but the story grew so big I knew bunching them all in one book wouldn't work. The book would seemed rushed and I didn't want to cheat my readers. I've even redesigned the cover from the original cover (see below) that I had.

Now, there are still the six original women: Haven (previously named Destiny), Nea, Mariah, Valentine, Constance and Ambrosia, along with all the scandalous men they are intertwined by. I've even thrown in a few audibles to mixed up their lives and really cause a little chaos. There will be some sporadic cursing, hating of several characters and possibly a few "I can't believe you did me like this" angry posts to me... but I promise you'll love it.

Check out the synopses for both books below and stay tuned for more behind the scenes info on the characters and what they're up to.


Haven Collins is the baby mama you love to hate. She has a twenty year history, and a baby with the married man of her dreams. Her entire adult life has been centered around two men. Despite the countless disappointments, broken promises, and years of sitting on the sideline, Haven knows her loyalty will pay off in the end. Her future man has promised her a trip down the aisle, but the only problem is his actual wife. Valentine McDaniels, a successful, celebrity stylist has spent the 13 years of her life married to her husband, Byron. Regardless of their ups and downs, as far as she convinces herself they have a great life together. A life that includes love, his daughter, and their successful careers.

Unfortunately, there's Mariah Hancock. Your typical, bourgeois girl next door who’s determined to find her perfect man. She’s done everything right in life, except fall in love with Byron McDaniels. Unbeknownst to her, her Mr. Right is the furthest thing from being a perfect man. As the secrets unravel, the reality of mistrust, betrayal and unrequited love leads to some relationships being tarnished, and others possibly destroyed forever.

What will happen when these women realize they may have placed their love and lives in the hands of the wrong man?


For nineteen years, Constance Bishop has given her husband plenty of chances to walk a straight line and stay on the right side of it. But for the man of God, temptation often leads him to drive a cross through her heart every chance he gets. As far as women go for Laurence Bishop, one is just never enough. But his treachery may have caught up with him and now he may have gone too far. This time, his lust and greed may cause more damage to his family, friendships, and his congregation.

As the best friend of Ambrosia Bishop, Nea Lampkins is the girl every girl dreams of being. She has a successful business, couture to die for, supermodel looks, and two gorgeous men pining for her love. One of whom just so happens to be someone she has no business sleeping with. As far as friendships go, she and Ambrosia have been connected at the hip since they were ten, and know every single thing there is to know about one another. Except for one secret, that if it ever saw the light of day, lives could be destroyed and families ripped apart.

Get ready, The SideChick Chronicles will be here 2020!

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