The Perfect Woman

We've finally reached the end of our character sneak peeks! The last woman in our sneak peek introductions is the perfect woman. She's the girl that society tricks you into becoming. The educated, hopeless romantic who feels she is above being the other woman. To the outside looking in, she doesn't fit the mold of a side chick. But looks can be very deceiving.

Meet Mariah, the fifth character of The SideChick Chronicles!

She's a 35 year old, college educated woman who has carved out quite the career and life for herself. Mariah is your typical good girl next door. She went to all the right schools, grew up in the ideal family, and believes in happily ever after. Her parents have been married for 30+ years. Her father is the head of neurology and her mother is a law professor. She was born and raised in the church.

Regrettably, Mariah is like many women who adhere to the societal pressures of being married by a certain age. She feels that since she's checked off all the boxes; education, great career, and a house, she needs a husband to complete the picture. But what happens when you make the wrong decision for the right reason?

Click here to get a sneak peek into Mariah's story line! Be sure to leave a comment and tell me what you think!

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