The Mrs. not the Miss...

Can you imagine yourself dating someone, falling in love, then saying I do only to find out you might actually be the other woman? Imagine for one second that the person you pledged your life too is sharing his with someone else. It's crazy how its so easy to assume you are the main chick, no scratch that, the only chick in your man's world and in the blink of an eye, life switches up on you. For many wives, this is their life. This is their story.

Meet Valentine, the third character of The Sidechick Chronicles!

She's a celebrity fashion stylist who is a Howard University graduate. She owns her own styling company VLN Studios while freelancing her services to magazine and celebrities. Like most women, Valentine meets her Mr. Right and their worlds collide. Everything seems perfect until reality greets their love with a cold shoulder, or more like a scorned baby mama.

Valentine is like many women who marry a man with kids and the relationship with his kid's mother is awkward and somewhat difficult. Caught between love and his kids, she's trying to maintain her marriage and her sanity. Can she do both or will one sacrifice cost her something or someone valuable?

Check out the characters from Valentine's story and be sure to click here to get a sneak peek into her story line! Be sure to leave a comment and tell me what you think about Valentine!

Character Inspirations (Byron McDaniels, Haven, Karter and January)

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