The Message I Found Buried in Dolemite

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

I needed this movie. For many, the movie was funny, and it was to me too, but the more I watched, I could see it goes deeper than that. I literally cried watching it. I know you’re probably thinking, Cried, how could this movie make you cry? But check this out. At this point in my life I’m in transition. I’m in a place where doubt is setting in and I’m scrambling between pushing forward and giving up. I have this gift, these talents, but I feel staggered. But God, this movie! Even though my faith is wavering and low, God always knows how to show up and speak to me.

As I tuned it, the lesson in the movie became more obvious. Watching door after door close in Rudy’s face is a lot like what life does to you—what life has been doing to me. It tests you, pushes you, dares you to go harder, become fiercer and more passionate, more purposeful about your dreams. Doors closing in your face are simply obstacles that shape you, mold you into the person you need to become in order to walk through those doors you are meant to walk through.

With each new level, each new dream, having door after door slammed in his face seems like a common thing when you are chasing your dreams. Though what hit me was that he didn’t stop. He was a little shaken, but he didn’t stop. He saw every door closing as an opportunity to become more creative, more innovative in his thinking. He made his own way when doors were not automatically opened for him. He took those no’s in stride and pushed past them.

When he wanted to pursue singing, that door was closed. He wanted to pursue stand-up, he was told he wasn’t funny. So he decided to put his comedy on an album. He found a way to reinvent himself. When the record companies told him he couldn’t put his comedy on air—he decided to sell them out of his car and in the store he worked in. Then after he put in the hard work, a company decided to pick him up (divine steps) and put him on tour.

Once he’d hit that level, he had another dream placed in his path... to be in a movie. So he shopped around and tried to get auditions to be in a movie. After being rejected, he decided to make his own movie. Of course with this endeavor, adversity after adversity started to rear its ugly head. Needing money for movie production, actors, actresses wasn’t cheap, but the dream had been revealed to him and he was determined to make it happen. Like every time before, he didn’t let obstacles cripple him.