Not Your Average First Lady

When you look at a picture of a woman who appears to be happy, what are you initial thoughts? Do you dream of having a love like hers? What about imagining yourself in her shoes? Maybe, you hashtag relationship goals in your mind with the hopes that one day, you'll have the kind of love everyone dreams of having. If that's the case, then all I can say to that is be careful what you wish for. Everything that glitters on the surface may simply be a flawed stone beneath it.

Meet Constance, the fourth character of The Sidechick Chronicles!

Constance Bishop is a law school graduate, former top tier lawyer, but now she's a mother, a wife and First Lady to Pastor Laurence Bishop. She has the life many women dream of, except for one thing.... she doesn't want it. Well not all of it anyway.

Head over heels in love with a man with philandering ways, Constance finds herself in the predicament so many women often find themselves in. Do I stay for the sake of my family or do I cut him loose? As the face of Mount Temple Missionary Baptist Church, and a certified preacher's kid herself, Constance knows all to well the kind of tribulations that comes from being a first lady.

As she struggles with her home life, she has to wade the ferocious waters of being a public figure. Will she rise to the occasion or will she and her marriage be pulled under?

Check out the characters from Constance's story and be sure to click here to get a sneak peek into her story line! Be sure to leave a comment and tell me what you think about Constance!

(Characters: Laurence, Ambrosia, Langston, Lincoln, and Caiden)

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