Nea, The Girl Next Door

Betrayal sometimes comes in the most innocent forms. The truth can ultimately be dangerous. You might think that it looks like a stranger, but in most cases, it's usually in the form of a familiar face. Often times, betrayal is so close to you, you're blinded by it. You overlook it because facing it may cause you unbearable pain. For many, both those who are doing the betraying and those being betrayed can be one in the same.

Meet Nea, the second character of The SideChick Chronicles!

She's a 26 year old woman who owns her own fashion business with her two best friends, Ambrosia and Caiya. A business that began as an online business and became a brick and mortar. Nea comes from a two-parent household with her younger sister, Damita. Her family foundation is a stable, loving one. Her parents have been married over 20 years. Her father is an attorney and her mother is a financial analyst. She was born and raised in the church alongside her best friend Ambrosia.

Her father Dane is a deacon and her mother Raquel heads the church financial department. The majority of her childhood was spent at church, leaving her exposed to certain kind of men inside of it. Nea is like most young women who fall in love with an older man. She's opened up in ways she could never imagine and with that opening enters betrayal and naiveté.

Sadly, like many young women, Nea mistakenly believes the stories of love and forever while falling prey to a cycle of lies and betrayal involving so many people. What do you do when the wrong circumstances, the wrong motivation comes at you fast, hard, and in the form of seduction sweeping you off your feet?

Check out the characters from Nea's story and be sure to click here to get a sneak peek into her story line! Be sure to leave a comment and tell me what you think about Nea!

Character Inspirations (Raquel Lampkins, Dane Lampkins, Caiya Taylor, and Kane Cross)

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