Meet Haven Collins

So there once was this girl, who met this guy. They fell madly in love. But with love, comes responsibility, one of them being the handling of one's heart. But this guy, he mishandled the girl's heart, breaking it into a million pieces. So then she found something new, something she had never had before, and it felt good, real good. But then like before, love tripped her and she fell into a dark hole. Now with her heart split into two, the girl, now a woman is left wondering who should she give her heart to?

Meet Haven, my first character of the Side Chick Chronicles!

She's a 37 year old woman with two daughters, January and Karter. Haven comes from a two-family household with three other siblings, Hasan, Hendrix and Harper. Her family foundation is a stable one. Her parents have been married over 30 years and their relationship is a loving and respectful one. But even with this type of upbringing and example of what love should be, Haven still finds herself falling into the common baby mama trap.

Haven's story as you will see is like so many women who meet a man, fall in love, they have a child and all hell breaks loose. Amid the love and baby, there are so many ups and downs that you encounter. Young love is one of the sweetest things you can ever possess, but it also the most dangerous. It's fragile and if not carefully handled, the after effects of that mishandling can result in some catastrophic bitterness, brokenness, and distrust of others down the line.

But like many women, Haven unknowingly uses her child as her leverage as a way into a man's heart. Though her child is not at all a pawn in their twisted game of love, she feels like it gives her an advantage over any other woman he may try and date. But life has a funny way of altering the outcome in your game of chess. Check out the characters from Haven's story and be sure to click here to get a sneak peek into Haven! Oh and don't forget to leave a comment and tell me what you think about Haven!

Character Inspiration Photos: ( January, Byron, Karter, Draco, Hasan, Hendrix, and Harper)

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