I Made It.... 2020 Here I Come!

It's crazy to think I've made it another decade.

Can I say that I've learned a lot ... definitely! Can I say that I've accomplished a lot ... yep! These past ten years have been full of lots of lessons, heartache, losses and blessings. I've lost jobs, siblings, and even friends. its like as soon as I turned 30, life came at me hard. But even with all of that, I've gained a new sense of self, new friends, and tapped into a hidden talent.

If I had to say the biggest thing I've learned these past ten years is that I don't believe in myself as much as I should. Don't get me wrong, I believe in myself, but not to the limitless levels I should be believing.

So that's my only pledge to myself this next decade.

To tap back into that fearless, unstoppable daredevil I used to be. My sole purpose is to find that girl who was never afraid to try something new. I am vowing to beome reacquainted with the woman that took risks without hesitation. I am desperate to reconnect with the girl who believed the sky was never the limit. I am manifesting a rebirth of self while evolving into the woman who is wise, yet whimsical. I am going to give my dreams everything I have inside of me.

They deserve it and so do I!

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