Hello, it's me... I'm Back!

Hello World,

I've finally decided to give this blogging a go again. For awhile, it seemed like a tiresome thing to do, but I once I changed my perspective of it — it became easier to do. At this point, I look at it like an electronic journal. Journaling was my introduction to being an author and a poet. Whenever people ask me how I started writing, I always refer back to writing in my journal. So much so, three of my poetry books (Disturbia, Late Night Thoughts, and Love, Heartbreak & Hangovers) contained a lot of my journal entries. My novels even contain pieces of my journaling.

Now can you see how I changed my perspective?

Journaling led me to my purpose and revealed what my talents were. It led me to writing and that opened the door to designing. I've always found it fascinating how one, simple thing you love to do can open the doors to other interests & talents you may not have even known you had. Not only do I love writing, but I now I am equally in love with graphic design. I see words and pictures in full color and I love that about me! This site — the new look, the literary works displayed are proof of it. As you click through the pages, I hope you are able to see the love I have for both crafts and become a regular visitor.

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