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Ever thought about being a published author? Don't have the knack for writing a book? No worries! If there’s one thing I’ve learned from writing novels, it’s that you can have a great idea, but it just doesn't seem to ever make it to paper. That's where I come into play. Ghostwriting allows many people the opportunity to become an author. Ghostwriters bring stories to life, your story to life. Some people have an awesome love story to tell, or they want to simply share your grandmother's recipes, or maybe even a self-help book to change people's lives... I can weave a compelling story to tell the world.

Every story is different. Whether it's a short story, novel, or series. The process to getting your book into the hands of readers is just a click away. Please review my process, complete the questionnaire, then request a quote. Let's begin your journey to becoming a published author!

Ghostwriters are Creative Artisians.
We Weave Intricate and Compelling Stories.

Writing Services for Everyone

Whether you’re a chef, a busy entrepreneur

or someone with a passion for reading and a fantastic book idea, I'm here to write your book for you.

Compelling Stories

Creativity! Unconventional! Jaw-dropping...the perfect ingredients in storytelling. I live in the world of ideas & stories. Every new project is a creative challenge for me to embrace!

Creative Writing Experience

As a published author of 12 novels and several others completed, I have the perfect amount of experience to transform your idea into a full novel!

Value in Confidentiality

Your secret will be safe with me. Client confidentiality is my number one guarantee. I will never mess that up. You don't have to worry about anything. Share your books with the world!

Plot + Character Development

A great story is complied of intriguing plot and character development. Cultivating a connection between your readers and your characters is how you create a lifelong reader.

Excellent Customer Service

Transparency! Professionalism! Courteousness are just a few components that are key in my client relationships. Ensuring that my clients feel appreciated and treated with respect are important to me.




Time to make your dreams come true! 

Let's brainstorm your ideas so I can understand precisely what you need and hope to achieve. I will add some creative spark to your vision so we can manifest your ideal book into a reality.

Ghostwriting Services

Just One Step Away

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Need Additional Help?

Need additional book services... let me help! Check out some other services I can assist you with to help make your publishing dreams come true.

Two Pens


Not sure who to trust with your story after your book is completed? Let us connect you with our selected editors who will turn your work of art into a masterpiece.

Writing on Tablet


Formatting your book is equally as important as writing and editing it. Making sure your book's margins, page counts, and other interior details are important factors needed for getting your book printed.

Logo Design


What's on the outside of the cover is just as important as what's on the inside. ColorMeBlu Designs is a boutique design firm that can create a book cover that will captivate your audience.

Graphic Design

Author Website

Now that you have this outstanding work of art, you need someplace to sell it. Whether you decide to place it on popular platforms like Amazon or Barnes & Noble, you should still have a personal website for your readers to view your work on.