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literary works


The Sidechick Chronicles

Volume 2: Mishandled Love

What takes years to earn, seconds to break, and a lifetime to rebuild…. Trust.



For nineteen years, Constance Bishop has given her husband plenty of chances to walk a straight line and stay on the right side of it. But for the man of God, temptation often leads him to drive a cross through her heart every chance he gets. As far as women go for Laurence Bishop, one is just never enough. But his treachery may have caught up with him and now he may have gone too far. This time, his lust and greed may cause more damage to his family, friendships, and his congregation.

Nea Lampkins is the girl every girl dreams of being. She has a successful business with her best friends, closet full of couture to die for, supermodel looks, and two gorgeous men pining for her love. One of whom just so happens to be someone she has no business sleeping with. As far as friendships go, she and Ambrosia Bishop have been connected at the hip since they were ten, and know every single thing there is to know about one another. Except for one secret, that if it ever saw the light of day, lives could be destroyed and families ripped apart.

With her sanity and heart on the line, Mariah Hancock goes to the only person she knows can heal her… God. After finding out her perfect man has betrayed her, Mariah is fighting demon after demon, and the main one being her desire for Byron McDaniels. Can she stay strong and walk away or will she fall back into the arms of the man who broke her?


The Sidechick Chronicles

Volume 1: Misplaced Love


Who Do You Love Now?

Rylee Coltrane -Book #3

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Who Do You Love Too?

Rylee Coltrane -Book #2

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Who Do You Love?

Rylee Coltrane -Book #1

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Smitten Kitten

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Tales of a Recovering Love Addict

Dark Side of Love Series #2


Love, Heartbreak & Hangovers

Dark Side of Love Series #1


Late Night Thoughts

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