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art + poetry collection

For years I have tried to find the perfect fusion between my love for writing and my intense passion for art. As a writer and graphic designer, I see, hear and breathe in color. When designing my first collection, I wanted the artwork to reflect the deep meaning and messages buried between the lines of my poems. With a collection of 500 to 700 poems, I discovered that all of them, if not most were a little dark. However, in that darkness there was healing, hope and love infused within the words as well.


As I scoured through countless sketches, I decided on the skeletal frame. To me, it was the purest, yet rawest point of person which is usually where poetry touches someone. Throughout time skeletons have caught a bad rap by people viewing them as dark, scary, even demonic. Like my poems, I wanted to take something dark and make it beautiful, make it a work of art. Each of the nine, creatively titled sets are my interpretation of the words they are paired with. Click each one to view my versions of love with a twist.