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fictional stories woven with a touch of romance, rebellion, a few shakes of erotica, and a whole lot of drama. Oh...there's poetry too!

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What takes years to earn, seconds to break, and a lifetime to rebuild? … trust. 

Read along as these four women find out the depths of which love and betrayal can sink to. Will they walk away, or will they fall back into the arms of the men who betrayed them?


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Let me breathe life into your stories regardless of the genre or type of book that you have conjured up or lived through, I am here to write, edit and publish it.

My team of skillful and dedicated ghostwriters will write a book that leaves you satisfied and gets you rave reviews from readers and critics alike. There is no ceiling to imagination and if you have something to share with the world then we have the vocabulary to go along with it to make the idea more enticing and appealing to the masses

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Have you ever had sex so good you could’ve sworn you were high? And I don’t mean just any kind of high. I’m talking about the toe curling, wall climbing, mind numbing, body shaking high— that one, single touch would have you exploding like Niagara Falls. 


I hadn’t either. Not until I met him. 

I didn’t even know my body could seize like that. I, for sure didn’t know I could black out from it. Over and over, he drained me like he was there for my soul, and my soul alone. Hour after hour, he feasted upon me. Limbs limp, body dehydrated, throat hoarse from the countless moans and screams he’d pulled from me. And even when I thought I had nothing left to give, he managed to revive me. I didn’t want to be this far gone. Never had I planned to be hanging onto the edge like this.


But I was.

His dick was a different kind of addictive.

The purest drug you could ever sample.

It was Blue Magic....

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